YouTube Thumbnail Declutterer

4/29/2023 #thing

A Userstyle to see YouTube thumbnails better

A comparison of the thing on and off. With it off, the length and total watched is covering text in the thumbnail. With it on, those elements were moved below the thumbnail, no longer obscuring the text. Video is "The worst headphones I've bought".
Install Make sure you have a userstyle manager like Stylus installed beforehand.
Sometimes, YouTubers don't take into account the overlays YouTube puts on their thumbnails. Because of this, some details may be covered by stuff like the progress bar or the video length.
This puts those details below the thumbnail along with making it square (toggleable).
Here's everything that I know for sure works with it:
  • Video length
  • Total watched
  • Shorts
  • Mixes
  • Light and dark mode
  • Now playing indicator (sadly covers the bottom part of the thumbnail)
  • Watch later and add to queue buttons
  • Hover preview
  • Playlists


By default, it'll put the overlay under the details as it can't fit under the thumbnail.
A YouTube playlist video list. The duration and total watched are along with the video details.
However, this means that the title only has a single line to deal with:
The same video list, focused on a specific video. The video's title is shown as "Flight of the Bumblebee on 101..."
Because of this, there's an option to make it put it over the thumbnail.
The same video list, but the duration and total watched are over the thumbnail.