this website

1/19/2022 (updated 11/13/2022) #archive

you're on it right now.

yep, this is a website
there's some dumb things under the ":)" on the menu bar
i use sveltekit, which currently isn't finished. other than it not being done, it's good


the website is a bit more speedy, because i finally got the css to minify :). i solved this issue by just...going through the build and minifying it with a script. may be hacky but it works. my website feels like it's held together by tape already
i standardized some units and redesigned the website a bit, which may be obvious if you've been here before. if you haven't, here's a nice screenshot:
old screenshot of this page. differences include no sections, a simple gray background, and not that much background blurs.
bland and boring
also, i considered remaking my website with solid.js, but honestly i like svelte more. i considered doing that cuz i felt like was having too many issues with svelte, but after taking a break and coming back i fixed most of them.
maybe obvious, but the homepage has been redone. it's different. but that also meant i had to get rid of its achievements. which sucks ig