4/11/2022 (updated 1/31/2023) #thing

It's raining, and there's robots. You can customize the rain and the robots.

a robot infront of a bunch of multi-colored lines. there are options on the left to customize them.
wow, options
For school, I had to make a python script that used a turtle to draw some stuff on screen. I made my script draw multibots, as that was the only creative thing I could come up with. Here it is in action:
a python turtle drawing three robots. the first one has an antenna, the second one is to the right and has a suit and a top hat, and the third one has a yellow shirt. the third one is tiny and on top of the first robot's head.
very advanced: the suit even had buttons
As you can maybe see in the gif, one of the features of the Python script was to give each robot its own cosmetics.
A while later, I made a little rain demo on my own time in JavaScript. I then adapted this into a game, but my mind went back to the Python program. I remade both in the same project, and now I have Rainbot.


  • redesigned the options menu


  • more options related to the orientation and spawning of the rain
  • new options to fading out stuff
  • 2 new examples

8/13/2022 (just a fix)

  • achievement notif won't appear anymore if the options menu is disabled (?noclick)


  • you can rotate the rain! wow!
  • again, more examples
  • multibots were updated
  • you can now reset a value on a cosmetic (hit the reset button. if there isn't one, clear the text box)
  • you can now embed a scene in a link
  • a list of special colors (there's two)
  • url parameter to disable the options menu (?noclick, or click on the button at the bottom of the options menu
  • splashes now despawn after some time (default is 30 seconds)


  • the rain now splashes when it hits something! wow!
  • a bunch of new examples
  • customize the initial speed of a rain drop.
  • some options were replaced with a new type of input: ranges. the ranges that let you set a min and a max, i mean.
  • you can pin the options menu to the side, which will let you see everything while keeping it open.
  • "clear frame now" button