Permanent Invites for Discord

7/14/2023 #thing

Lets you sorta make permanent Discord invites again.

Discord removed permanent invites for non-community servers. It's a bit of a weird change and I don't agree with it, so I made a page that works around it.
Discord might have removed permanent invites, they didn't remove widgets.
A Discord widget showing a server with zero members online. Notably, there's a "Join Discord" button.
Peak activity
See how there's a "Join Discord" button there? It needs an invite link to function, so could we maybe extract it somehow?
Yes, as Discord provides an API with the widget. You can even access it cross-site within the browser! How nice.
The invite does expire after 24 hours, but once it does the widget will just generate another one. So we can set up a page that takes the widget's invite and redirects you to it. That's exactly what this page does.
However, this means you won't have the good 'ol invite link or the embed. But I would think most permanent invites are used off of Discord, so I don't think it's that much of a loss. Even then, if you don't like the, you can just use your own website by following the instructions on the page to get something like