An old choose your own adventure game

1/21/2024 #thing

Incomplete in all of its glory!

A drawing of three robots. One has a knife in their hand.
It was 2022. I was making some puzzle website (like what's popular on Neocities), and it stated to get out of hand.
It had lore!, and this choose your own adventure game. Eventually I branched it off, and then forgot about it for 2 years...until today.
I saw another one of those puzzle websites and looked at my old projects. Now I wanna make something like this again, so I guess I'm putting this out there to kinda twist my own arm.
It's very incomplete and only has one ending.


Time for everyone's favorite section.
  • SvelteKit 1.0.0-next.304 (for reference, routing still didn't use +page.svelte)
  • Code is terrible, especially for how simple it is. I'm not going to bother getting it working with the router. Making it a SPA was a pain already...

A sketch

This was around the time I was doodling in Paint a lot. Going along with the theme, I also want to draw again.
a sketch mostly consisting of two robots. one is staring, and the other is hugging while holding a knife. "for context, the 'o)' robot is over-touchy and is oblivious that holding a knife would be uncomfortable. so pretty much they're supposed to be holding a knife, not be threatening."