I've rewritten my website

1/31/2023 (updated 5/6/2023) #meta


A drawing of Dabric the robot holding a hammer, with some code as the background.
Look at my theme, it's a weird mix between Tokyo Night and VSCode Dark+.
Oh hi. It's like month three four five six right now of working on this rewrite, isn't that neat?
I didn't like how my website worked internally, so I just nuked everything and started over. Now I have:
  • Actual blog posts, written in Markdown.
  • TailwindCSS. Still using some SASS, though.
  • Uppercase.
  • Robot, still.
I still want to keep everything I've already had on my website, though. Same functionality, just a little different.
Here's how my website's homepage looked before:
my old website's homepage. navigation bar is at the bottom, has an overall glass-y asthenic, and the homepage's content is a 3d model of a robot.
all you can do is look at the robot.
And here's how it looks now:
my current homepage. the navigation bar is at the top, and the 3d model of the robot is pretty much the same.
you can still only look at the robot.
Think it looks worse? Sorry.
BTW, this design isn't entirely final. I just wanted to start fresh again. If you think it's bad, just uhhhhhh...think about the technical stuff. Yeah. Have you ever seen a Neocities website with proper pagination? YEAH! HAHAHAHA!!! I AM PRO!!! NOBODYT WILL STOP ME!!!BOW DOWN AS I'VE USED A WEB FRAMEWORK!!!!

The homepage

Still currently isn't done. I'm gonna entirely change it at some point, robot still included.