3D Multibot Renders

2/15/2023 #multibot #art

Various 3D renders of Multibots.

A giant multibot with long legs an red eyes walking. It's dark.
Big lad
Someday, I would like to integrate this into my things page instead of having it entirely in a single article. It would be better to view and organize.


A cube flying towards Dabric's face.
Video: cube
I made this before the model was rigged, so there's that.


Dabric spinning with motion blur.
A motion blur test. Looks like it worked.

Emissive tests

Dabric in the dark with a glowing face.
Dabric in the dark with a glowing face glowing more intensely. You couldn't tell that from just looking at the face, more light is just bouncing off of everything.
It's weird how turning up the emissive strength at a certain point doesn't make the texture look more bright, it just makes it emit more light. Not like it would have any other way of making the texture brighter.

Giant walking

A giant Dabric multibot with long legs. It's dark.
don't mind the stray light near dabric's head
A giant multibot with long legs an red eyes walking. It's dark.
When I rigged the multibot model, I noticed I could make the bendy bit for the feet stretch to the point where it looked like legs, so that's what I did. I feel like this also kinda makes the torso look more like some metal thingy that they're just wearing instead of it actually being their body.
The random multibot is more fitting than Dabric. Feels somewhat more scary that way.

Two in the dark

Dabric and another multibot looking at each other, in the dark. Their faces reflect off of each other.
Another render of me messing with emissive textures.
I have a Markdown file with these renders so I can give notes on them, and in it I had this down as "to in the dark".

Ragdoll test

Video: ragdoll test
A somewhat long ragdoll test. Not sure why, but the bendy bits didn't line up properly:
A picture of the ragdoll in the middle of falling over. The bendy bits aren't lining up with what they're supposed to be attached to.
The ragdoll also liked to fall into this pose:
The ragdoll on its back. The head is tilted up and the feet are leaning back.
As you can see at the bottom of the feet, I had the old track textures applied. God damn it, but oh well, as I'm not re-rendering this.

Green and blue lights

Dabric with the old face against a wall with green and blue lights.
I'm not sure why I've chosen green and blue for the majority of these types of renders, but that's what I've been going with.
Here's some more renders of me testing out different faces:
Five pictures of Dabric gainst a wall with green and blue lights. The faces change overtime from the old one to the new one.


Four multibots in some dark place. It's a POV, and one of them is looking at you.
Just you and your four robot buddies...all alone in the void.