11/11/2022 (updated 2/23/2023) #thing #utility #product

A powerful utility for making your own advertising service.

I'm calling it quits with my own embed
I'm not well known on Neocities, or even at least made any meaningful connections with anyone yet.
So, it doesn't make sense to make something like this. I'll likely make it similar to Linkcircle; focus on making it just a really good and easy to use utility. Right now, it's already robust. I just have to make it easier to use.
Powered by Linkshuffle button
Very much inspired by NeoLink and its forks BannerLink and NavLink. Think if it like a webring, but image based and entirely random.


Well first off, it's fun. But it also has several improvements over Neolink:

Dead image detection

If none of the images of a link loads, then it'll be skipped.

Multiple images

A website can have multiple images without changing its chances.

Alt text


Highly customizable

Different colors, fonts, text, etc.

Random button

If you're impatient, click to get another link (can be disabled).

MIT license

Take it and make your own collection of links; I don't care!

Links in JSON

No need to shift through code or match links and images in two arrays to add someone.


Size and such?

It's only like 2kb. Linkshuffle is written entirely in vanilla JS as a single html file.

Can I use this to make my own advertising-like thing?

Go ahead! The only requirement is that you have to include the MIT license at the top of the HTML file somewhere (where it currently is is fine). Read the documentation here.