Image Viewer+ Changelog

View the changes made to Image Viewer+.

1.8 (5/25/2022)

  • holding down right click will also double the move speed (like the shift key)
  • improved browser image viewer detection
    • instead of comparing image.src to location.href, it compares image.getAttribute("src") to it. this is cuz if the src attribute was blank, image.src would go relative and equal location.href, which could trigger a false-positive.
    • before it checked if there was only a single child in the body, but it didn't care if that child also had children. now, it makes sure there is only one element in the entire body.
  • improved loading big images
    • it'll check the image every second to see if the sized loaded in, instead of just waiting until it's fully complete
  • script doesn't run in iframes anymore
    • iframes show images differently, and converting that into image viewer+ may break a website's layout

v1.7 (5/23/2022)

  • you can now open the toolbar with your mouse
  • you can now open the toolbar even when the image can't be manipulated (buttons are disabled)
  • using the arrow keys to scroll in the toolbar won't pan the image
  • messages giving updates on the image loading will only appear if the loading isn't instant

v1.6 (5/22/2022)

  • added toolbar buttons to flip the image
  • arrow keys actually move the image
  • the crosshair doesn't immediately appear when you open an image anymore
  • the toolbar's scrollbar appears correctly
  • moved the rotate and drag-and-drop keys around
  • what you're looking at correctly stays in view as you resize the window

v1.5 (5/22/2022)

  • added rotation
  • added a toolbar button to change background color
  • internal re-working of the toolbar buttons

v1.0 (5/21/2022)

  • initial release