Image Viewer+ (v1.8)

5/21/2022 (updated 1/27/2023) #thing #product

A Userscript that makes your browser's image viewer better.

a screenshot the image viewer. the image is rotated, with a toolbar visible at the top.
A dramatic zoom-up.
(To install the userscript, make sure you have a Greasemonkey compatible Userscript manager like Tampermonkey installed. If you get "Invalid script header" or only see code, you didn't install one)
Image Viewer+ is a Userscript that adds some features to the browser's image previewer.


a screenshot comparing chrome's image viewer and image viewer+, both showing some pixel art. chrome's is tiny and blurry, image viewer+'s is big and not blurry as image rendering is set to pixelated.
see them sharply.
Compared to Chrome's regular image viewer, MY viewer is better in a lot of ways:
  • Chrome and Firefox caps zooming at 500%. Image Viewer+ can zoom in and out past its breaking point.
  • If you're looking at some low-res pixel art, just set image rendering to pixelated.
  • Click and drag to move the image, and scroll to zoom (you can also quickly turn this off, just in case you need to drag-and-drop the image somewhere)
  • Everything you can do with your mouse, you can do with your keyboard.
  • Zooming in on the image doesn't apply to the rest of the website.
  • You can rotate and flip the image.
  • You can instantly have the image zoom to fill, 100%, or fit.
  • I love you.
That's mostly it. But really, all of this really goes a long way.