Profile picture previewer for Discord

2/22/2023 (updated 2/25/2023) #thing

Great if you're nitpicky with profile pictures like me

The previewer. There's one for a message, a profile in a list, and an expanded profile
That lizard is from the beasts Art Bits in Macintosh Hypercard, if you're curious.
Trying to make a discord profile picture has weirdly been a pain for me.
I get it all nice in Discord's profile preview. But once I actually set it, it doesn't look as perfect as I wanted it to be.
Going through the menus everytime to upload it into Discord's profile preview also gets kinda tedious. And that's not mentioning that Discord limits how quickly you can change your profile picture.
So, I made this. It'll show your profile picture in three common places around discord, with dark and light theme. On top of that, it'll listen for when the photo is updated and change it (on supporting browsers).