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created 4/14/2022, updated 8/4/2022
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participation award

look at your achievements.

dodgy jump detection

make dabric fly.

blastoff (secret)


dolly zoom effect (secret)


ominous room

look behind dabric.

lights out

put dabric in the dark.

they're grabbable

grab and spin dabric.

flipped perspective (secret)


manual spin

grab and spin dabric, differently.

left in space (secret)


giving a hint

persuade dabric to go down.

giving a hint to a clone (secret)


giving a hint, in reverse (secret)


it's no longer rainbot (secret)


i don't lie

click on a button that gives you an achievement


bail out on the button that gives you an achievement

tell the questioner to die

it would be quite rude of you
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